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Taleemul Islam Organization
Taleemul Islam Organization
Taleemul Islam organization is a prominent, independent educational organization in Afghanistan that is committed to spread Islamic and different fields of scientific education and public awareness programs.
 It has the commitment to bring unity, well-being and good deeds amongst the fellow human beings. Taleemul Islam organization also considers tackling down the crimes, bad deeds and other shortcomings on individual and collective level in the society through effective Dawah and religious preaching. 
The organization devotes extensive time and energy to improve human development related to individual, family and the societies at large.
Taleemul Islam has the following educational departments:
Radio: The main department in which more than 70 programs are being broadcasted within a week. Taleemul Islam radio has seven branches in Afghanistan.
Darul Ifta: A department of answering religious questions related to different parts of social life in the form of a Fatwa (Religious ruling). The department has currently issued more than two thousand Fatwas in Pashto.
Darul Hadith: Darul Hadith is its recently launched academic center in which graduate students are admitted for obtaining degree in Hadith sciences (Science of the prophetic narrations).
Takhassus Fil Ifta (Ifta specialization Program): This academic center is also part of the educational system of Taleemul Islam, in which new graduate students are being professional trained to understand the correct and delicate process of issuing reliable fatwas.
Official Website: Its famous website currently in four languages contains informative articles, audio programs, books, poems, Fatwas and most of all the live broadcasting of the radio in Pashto.
Darul Isha’at: This is a department in which books of different religious, social and cultural issues get published.
Magazine: A monthly informative magazine in Pashto and Dari, publishing Islamic, scientific, social, political and cultural articles.
The Golden Series: A small booklet covering only one major important issue of the society.
Islamic School: A primary Islamic school for children (boys and girls). Its syllabus includes both Islamic and scientific education.
Online Education: A new project in which students from all around the world will insha Allah be able to quench their educational thirst through this distance learning opportunity. 
Note: Each of its department is serving under the name (Taleemul Islam)
Cause of the Influence:
The services of Taleemul Islam organization has gained higher public interest and is being admired by all academic and influential figures and the society in general due to their sincerity, innovation in educational programs and its reliability, professionalism and being not related to any particular religious sect or political party.