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Is it permissible to trim the eyebrows?
  taleemul islam
  October 10, 2017

 Taleemul Islam Darulifta

Fatwa ID: 2205
?Question: Is it permissible for women to trim their eye brows
Answer: it is sinful to cut down or trim eyebrows. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has cursed such women who trim their eyebrows.
Allah Knows Best
 Taleemul Islam Darulifta Kandahar
 "I heard 'Aishah say: 'The Messenger of Allah [SAW] forbade the woman who does tattoos and the woman who has that done, the woman who affixes hair extensions and the woman who has that done, An-Namisah (the one who does the plucking) and Al-Mutanammisah (the one who has it done).'"

Fatawa Darululoom Deoband: 16/248