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Passing urine while standing
  taleemul islam
  October 21, 2017

Taleemul Islam Darulifta

Fatwa ID: 1384

Question: I live in Sweden and here the toilets are made in such a way that we need to urinate while standing so is it permissible to urinate standing up?


It is permissible to urinate while standing in case of a disease or lack of place or other excusable or justifiable cases but one must protect his body and clothes from urine drops.

Allah knows best!

Bukhari, book of ablutions, chapter: 60
Faizul Bari Sharh Sahihul Bukhari: 1/317
Bazlul Majhood Fi Hali Abi Dawud: 1/63

Taleemul Islam Darulifta