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Who are the Jinn?
  taleemul islam
  October 15, 2017

Taleemul Islam Darulifta


 Fatwa ID: 2044


Question: Who are the Jinn? Can they harm human beings? Can they enter the human body?


Answer: Jinn are the creatures of Allah, they are created from fire and their existence is proven in the holy Quran, Hadith and Ijma of the scholars (the consensus of all the reliable Muslim scholars), therefore whoever rejects their existence will definitely become a disbeliever.


And their influence in human body is also proved in the holy Quran, Hadith of the prophet (pbuh) and by observation.


Allah knows best!


1: Allah says in the holy Quran: " As for the Jānn (the first Jinn), We had created him earlier from the fire of the scorching wind." (15:27)


2: Allah says in another place in the holy Quran: "And remember Our servant, Ayyūb – when he called his Lord saying, ―The ShaiTān (Satan) has inflicted weariness and pain upon me." (38:41)


3: Al-Mausu'ah Al-Fiqhiyah Al-Kuwaitiyah (Volume: 16, Page: 90)


4: Mariful Quran: Volume: (1, Page: 647)


 Taleemul Islam Darulifta 

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