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benefits of performing salah (prayer)
  taleemul islam
  October 15, 2017

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said: “If some major sins of a Muslim lands him in Jahannam, the fire would not burn those parts of his body which have touched the ground while he was in sajdah (prostration) during his salaah.” (Fadhaail-e-A’mal –Virtues of Salaah, pg 28)


Rasoolullah (pbuh) has said: “When a person stands in salaah, the gates of jannah are let open and all the veils between him and Allah  are lifted.” (provided that he does not spoil his salaah by
coughing, etc.) (Fadhaail-e-A’mal – Virtues of Salaah, pg 28)


Hafiz ibn Qayyim writes: “Salaat (daily prayer) ensures daily bread, promotes health, drives out diseases, strengthens the heart, brings light and beauty on the face, pleases the soul, refreshes the body, gets rid of laziness, relaxes the mind, feeds the soul, illuminates the heart and guarantees Allah’s favour. It grants protection against Allah’s punishment. It keeps shaytaan away and brings us nearer to Allah. In short, salaah is the guarantee for all that is good and a protection against all that is evil for both body and soul, equally in this world and the hereafter.” (Fadhaail-e-A’mal - Virtues of Salaah. Pg 32)