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Modern Day Labour Women
  Taleemul Islam
  October 8, 2017

An Unusual Philosophy of the modern Civilization


A strange philosophy has been imposed on the minds of people with the power of propaganda that it is a matter of confinement and disgrace for a woman to discharge household duties in her house for the sake of her husband parents, brothers and sisters and her children.


 On the other hand if the same woman cooks food for strange persons, serves them as a waitress or hostess in hotels, ships, attracts customers in shops with her smiles and serves her officers in offices with humble submission, then all this means freedom and honour for her. How sad!


 It is the greatest irony of fate that even after discharging disgraceful and hard duties for earning a living; the woman has not been relieved of the duties of her household affairs which still lie on her weak shoulders.


 In Europe and America the majority of women, after their outdoor duties have on arriving home, to perform the duties of cooking food, washing utensils and doing sanitary work in their houses.


 The Family system has been totally shattered today.

Almighty Allah created a woman to look after her household affairs, to manage them and stabilize the family system. As soon as she went out of the house, it had to be locked because both the parents are out on their jobs the children in their schools or nurseries. The family system is thus totally shattered. Woman was created to remain in the house to look after its affairs and to bring up the children in her affectional lap. The mother's lap is the first training school for her child. It is there that the child learns the principles of morality, character and living. This parental care and love are not available to children of to-day in the Western countries and the family system has been totally devastated.


 The husband and wife are working in different places in an atmosphere of free society and they have no contact with each other during their working hours. Sometimes this mode of working serves to weaken their relations as husband and wife, giving rise to unlawful 'contacts with strangers. Ultimately this leads to divorce. In turn, and destruction of the home.


Islamic Discourses (Eslahi Khutubat), by Allama Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani

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