Fresh Lines
Why a phone requires a cover?
  taleemul islam
  June 19, 2019

A girl purchased a mobile phone and her father saw it and asked her, when you purchased the mobile what measures you have taken.


The daughter replied: When I purchased the mobile phone, first I covered its screen to protect it from scratch and later on covered it with mobile cover.


Father: What was your compulsion?


Daughter: I had no compulsion.


Father: Don’t you think that with this act you offended the mobile production company.


Daughter: No father, even the company is recommending costumers to use these covers for mobiles.


Father: Was your mobile ugly that is why you covered it.


Daughter: No dear father, in fact I didn’t want my mobile to be scratched and lose its value therefore I used a cover to protect it.


Father: I think your mobile now looks ugly with this cover.


Daughter: No dad, I don’t think it looks ugly even if it does; it’s worth it because it protects my phone.


Father looked at his daughter with compassion and told her that Hijab is also a protection for you not a restriction

You can also read this story in Pashto and Dari