Fresh Lines
The Sacrifice of a Muslim Student
  taleemul islam
  June 19, 2019

Once upon a time, a girl in India the daughter of a Nawab was passing by a street suddenly she saw a group of immoral people, she scared and sought refuge to a Masjid for protecting her dignity. A religious student was studding his Islamic books under a candle light. 


The religious student said to the girl please get out from the Masjid both of us are young!


 The girl replied and said for the sake of Allah let me stay here tonight! otherwise the immoral men will loot my honor, the girl was trying to stay inside the Masjid but the religious student was trying to get her out from there, the girl insists to stay but the student refuses, after a long bargaining the student finally allowed her to stay in, and told her to stay at the corner of the Masjid, neither come to me, nor speak or look at me. The girl accepted the condition. 


 But the student was putting his finger on the fire of the candle the whole night and was burning it and would later hold his finger in his mouth this was his duty all night.


 In the morning the student told her to go home, its day, no one will disturb you now, the girl replied: Okay I will leave soon but first let me know about the secret of burning your finger.


 The Muslim student said that this is something personal, please go and leave me alone, but the girl forced him to tell her the secret, the student said: Satan (Shaitaan) came to me and told me over and over again, fulfill your desire. That’s why I put my finger on the fire of the candle to remind myself if I can tolerate its fire. I felt that I cannot tolerate the burning of one finger on the fire of this world, then how well I tolerate the hardest and strongest fire of the Judgment day on the entire body! Then I would say may the curse of Allah be upon the Shaitaan, this way I would control myself. 


The girl went her home, and told the story to her father from A to Z, and said I am neither getting married with son of reach nor a Nawab, please engage me with that poor and chaste Muslim student. 

Advantage: The religious student controlled his self-desire only for one night, this way he was saved from the hell fire and also won a wife in wedlock.


The purpose of this story is very clear, we should ask ourselves before any sin that can we bear the punishment of the sin or not?