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Fatwa: Aborting a Child
  taleemul islam
  March 5, 2019

Taleemul Islam Darulifta


Fatwa ID: 1273


Question: I am a women i did a sin I aborted 2 or 3 months baby what is the kafara for that and i have a  fear in my heart all the time that may something go wrong with me or my family members and should i start my prays  or not ?




Aborting a child of four months is like killing a human, which is a major sin!


And aborting a child less than 4 months is not allowed without Sharai Uzar or appropriate Islamic justification and reason.


According to your question you have aborted unfortunately a 2 or 3 months old fetus so you have to repent sincerely from this sin and seek Allah’s forgiveness (Astaghfar) and there is no kaffara (expiation) on you. And concerning your prayer, you can read this fatwa.


And the Pashto version of the fatwa regarding a aborting a child can be read here


Allah knows best!

al-Fiqh al-Islami wa Adillatuhu: 3/557- 7/108


Taleemul Islam Darulifta