Fresh Lines
A Japanese who found her Treasure "ISLAM"
  taleemul islam
  March 4, 2019

Newly converted Japanese woman Miwa Essaadi says in her TEDx speech:


Close your eyes?!


Terrorism, radicalism and armed groups who kill disbelievers, women who are oppressed without freedom!


Please open your eyes.


Is that something you have witnessed? or is it an image shaped by media?


Today I will let you know why I choose to become a Muslim and how I see Islam as Japanese.


For you, is Islam a religion of foreign countries?

if you are a kind of person who likes to stay clean or don't mind picking up trash from streets, or if you pay respect for parents and the elders, and have ever helped someone in need...we can say that you are pretty much following same principles taught in Islam. 


As I was discovering Islam, it surprised me that Islam actually has a lot in common with the virtues of Japan. For example, modesty, piety, courtesy, honesty, righteousness, these are all values of Islam.


What does Islam say about women?

Not given education? Forced marriage? oppressed? This is absolutely not the teachings of Islam. The truth is total opposite. 


However, it is unfortunate that some women in the Islamic countries are mistreated (in fact, non-muslim women are also mistreated in many ways in developed countries). So, is it the teaching of Islam? Definitely not! it happens due to lack of education, local costumes, and cultural practices. 


After I became a Muslim, i strongly felt empowered and continued to enjoy my freedom as a woman.


Islam creates a society where women's beauty is treasured and their dignities are well protected. for example, Women's beauty is not a product for public consumption. Rather, in Islamic perspective, women's beauty is intentionally covered because it belongs to her and her family. 


Women's bodies are naturally attractive to men, instead of being a source of attraction to men. We, Muslims preserve our beauty and attractiveness to our spouses only. This is the way we believe that women are more respected.


I find peace in my faith…