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Belief in Allah (the exalted)
  taleemul islam
  October 10, 2017

Beliefs concerning Allah Ta’ala

There is no God besides Allah Ta’ala, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the
messenger of Allah Ta’ala.

1. Allah Ta’ala is One.

2. Allah Ta’ala has no partner.

3. Allah Ta’ala ALONE is worthy of worship.

4. Allah Ta’ala is most Powerful. He has power over everything.

5. Nothing can be hidden from Allah Ta’ala. He even knows the
thoughts that go through a person's mind.

6. Only Allah Ta’ala gives life and death.

7. Allah Ta’ala created the skies, the earth, the sun, the moon, the
stars, the angels, mankind and the entire universe.  human beings didn't ‘evolve’ from monkeys.

8. Allah Ta’ala does not eat, drink or sleep.

9. Allah Ta’ala is since ever and will be forever.

10. Allah Ta’ala does not have any parents, wife or children.

11. Allah Ta’ala does not depend on anyone for anything. Everyone
depends on Him for everything.

12. Allah Ta’ala is free from all faults.

13. Nobody resembles Allah Ta’ala and He resembles none.

14. Allah Ta’ala does not have eyes, ears or a body like human

15. Allah Ta’ala hears and sees everything at all times.

16. Allah Ta’ala provides food and sustenance to the entire

17. Allah Ta’ala is not confined (restricted) to any place.

18. Allah Ta’ala is with us wherever we may be.

19. Allah Ta’ala is Most Wise. No work of Allah  is devoid of
wisdom although often we cannot understand the wisdom.

20. Allah Ta’ala has not ordered us to do anything that is beyond
our ability.

21. Allah Ta’ala did not give birth to anyone neither did anyone give
birth to Allah Ta’ala.

In the name of Allah Ta’ala, The Beneficent, The Merciful

Allah says in the holy Quran:

(1) Say, He is Allah, The one and Only;
(2) Allah, the Eternal, Absolute
(3) He did not give birth nor was He begotten;
(4) And there is none like Him.