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How to use the Miswaaq
  October 22, 2018

How to use the Miswaaq


It is recorded in Kabeeri that the right upper jaw should be brushed followed by the left jaw, then the right lower jaw followed by the left lower jaw.


Method 2:

It is recorded in Bahr that the manner of using the Miswaaq is as follows:

The upper and lower teeth and the palate should be brushed beginning on the right hand side, at least thrice at the top and thrice at the bottom. Water should also be taken thrice.

Method 3:

The method mentioned in Shar-us-Sunnah is as follows:

The teeth of the upper and lower jaws on the right hand side should be brushed first, then the upper and lower jaws on the left-hand side.

 Thereafter, the teeth in the middle should be brushed (between the right and lefthand sides).

 It is preferable to brush odd number of times.

Source: Taleem ud Deen by Shykh Mufti Afzal Hoosen Eliase.