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The rights of Imaamate
  September 28, 2018

The rights of Imaamate belongs to


If amongst those present, the owner of the premises, the appointed Imam, or the Ruler are all not present then the following persons will be most deserving of Imaamate (in order of preference).

1.The most learned (in laws of Salaat).

2.The best reader of the Quraan.

3.The most pious.

4.The oldest.

5.The most virtuous in character.

6.The most handsome.

7.The most noble birth.

8.The one with the best (sweet) voice.

9.The one with the cleanest clothes.

If everyone is on par then lots should be drawn or the people can decide.

 The opinion of the majority will be considered.

 If the people choose someone besides the one who is most deserving, then they have done wrong.

The Imaamate of the following persons is Makrooh (detested). 

1. A slave.

2. A blind person.

3. An ignorant person who is ignorant and not pious.

4. A Faasiq (a sinner who knows of Deen).

5. A Bidati (an innovator in Deen).

 The order of the Saff(rows)

The rows are formed by:

a. men first.

b. then children.

c. followed by hermaphrodites.

d. then the women.

In Jamaat the first row is best followed by the second and so on.

Source:Taleem ud deen by Shaykh Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias.