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Aadaabul Muhaddith
  taleemul islam
  September 6, 2018

Aadaabul Muhaddith

To know the rights of Hadeeth and the Muhadditheen is important since this knowledge goes hand in hand with respect. In fact it is dependent on this!


1. The Ilm of Hadeeth is the Meeraath (legacy) of Prophets hence it is necessary to respect this Ilm as well as its scholars.

2. The Muhaddith must always hold on to truth and justice.

He must only narrate Saheeh Ahaadeeth (authentic narration) and never Munkar ones. 

4. His niyyah (intention) must be correct.

4. He must keep the welfare of his students at heart.

5. He must not engage in frivolous matters, especially during lessons.

6. Tawaadhu’ (humility) must be his garb.

7. He should always express his gratitude to Allaah for the Ni’mat (boon) of Hadeeth.

8. He must be very particular in fulfilling the commands of Allaah and abstaining from those things which are

9. He must save himself from all inward and outward evils.

Source: Tuhfatud Durar Sharah Nukhbatul Fikar Fee Mustalahi Ahlil Athar, By: Allamah Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri

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