Fresh Lines
The Sunnan of the Eid Day
  June 28, 2018

The sunnan of the day

1. To rise as early as possible.


2. To make Ghusal. 


3. To use Miswaak. 


4. To adorn as one can within the rulings of the Sahariah.


5. To apply attar (Halaal non – alcoholic perfume)      


6. To eat anything sweet (such as dates) before leaving for Eid Salaat. 


7. To go to the Eid Gaah as early as possible.  


8. To give Sadaqatul Fitr before leaving for Eid Gaah.


9. To perform the Eid Salaat at the Eid Gaah.


10.To choose a different route when returning from the Eid Gaah.


11.To walk for the Eid Gaah.


12.To recite the Takbeer while walking to the Eid Gaah.


 Taleem-Deen By Shaykh Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias