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Meeting for Allah
  June 24, 2018

 Meeting for Allah

Meeting a Muslim for Allah only is an act of great merit. Meeting for Allah means meeting not for the sake of any mundane gain, but for Allah's pleasure only.


for instance;  one may go to meet a learned man or a sage in order to learn something for selfimprovement or one may meet someone to please him believing that giving  pleasure to a Muslim pleases Allah.


Both these cases are meetings for Allah and  Allah willing, shall earn much merit.


Abu Hurairah has quoted the following words of or Prophet - upon whom be eternal peace:


"One, who visits a sick person or goes to meet his brother for Allah, is called by a (hidden) caller who says to him 'Blessed art Chow, blessed is thine going, thou past made thyself a home in one stage of the Paradise". 


 (Tirmidhi' Wa-qal: Hasan)


This hadith shows that meeting a Muslim for the sake of merit also increase one's good deeds in the Record.

But it should be noted that this order relates only to meeting those whose company does not cause any religious loss; but if it is feared that the meeting would cause one to be involved in a sin or to be adversely affected, or one would be compelled to listen to tirades against third persons or lose much time in senseless talk, then such meeting must be avoided.


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