Fresh Lines
The Jumah Salat
  May 17, 2018


 Shaykh MuftiAfzal Hoosen Elias

1. The Jummua’ (Friday) Salaat is obligatory upon all Muslim male residence of a town or city.

2. Jumma’ Salaat takes the place of Zuhr Salaat and is performed at the time Zuhr Salaat.

3. The Friday Khutbah is a condition (Shart) for the validity of the Jumma’ Salaat. Without the Khutbah the Jumma’ Salaat is not valid.

4. The Jumma’ Salaat consists of a total of fourteen Rakaats as follow;

 a. 4 Rakaats Sunnatul Muakkidah.                 b. 2 Rakaats Fardh.    c. 4 Rakaats Sunnatul Muakkidah.   

 d. 2 Rakaats Sunnatul Ghair Muakkidah.      e. 2 Rakaats Nafl.

5. When the Imam rises to deliver the Khutbah, it is not permissible to recite Holy Quraan, to make Zikr

to perform  Salaat or to talk. It is Waajib to listen attentively to the Khutbah. 


6. If, after commencing with four Rakaats Sunnatul Muakkidah, the Imam starts with the Khutbah, one should complete

the Salaat first and then listen to the Khutbah.

7. The Khutbahs are recited before the Fardh Salaat. 


8. These Khutbahs are Fardh and must be in Arabic.


Source: Taleem-Ud-Deen