Fresh Lines
Ihram For Women
  taleemul islam
  May 8, 2018

Women's Ihram as well as their 'Hajj' is similler to those of men. The only difference is that women should remain clad with sewn clothes. They should also cover their heads. Only the face should be left uncovered, but in the presence of male strangers, the veil of 'Burqa' should be dropped in such a way that it may not touch the face. 

A woman is allowed to wear stockings and gloves. Wearing ornaments is also permissible. She can enter into the state of blood-discharge of childbirth, but in this position she should not say two Nafl prayers of 'Ihram'.
All the above-mentioned practices and abstinences of 'Ihram' are to be observed strictly. To do otherwise is a sin and, in most cases, for its expiation one falls under the obligation of 'Dam' i.e., an offering of sacrifice, full details of which can be known through some comprehensive book or by asking Ulama. However the details mostly needed have been given even in this treatise.

Contravention of the above-mentioned rules is sin. Moreover it also renders one's 'Hajj' as defective, though the Hajj obligation stands discharged. Sometimes the state of affairs becomes so grave that Hajj is totally nullified and its accomplishment next year becomes obligatory. That gravity lies in enjoying a sexual intercourse before one's stay in Arafat. In cases other than sexual intercourse, though kissing and embracing are also sinful acts yet they do not render a Hajj nullified.